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Arts Therapists are Registered Healthcare Professionals using creative approaches to respond to the mental, emotional and social health needs of groups and individuals. 

Traditionally the Arts Therapies combine psychotherapy theories and approaches with meaningful creative content. The creative content enables therapy to be accessible, meaningful, safe and transformational. Over recent years developments in inter-personal neuro-biology have also become a significant element of the theory and practice. As the interplay between brain, body, health and relationship is better understood, the integrative nature of the Arts Therapies are well placed to serve health, well being, resilience, and recovery in ways that are practical and effective.


Dramatherapy makes use of a range of approaches according to the client or group. Much of Rebekah's work has involved story, text, metaphor, physical expression and relationship. Her work is hugely influenced by the theoretical base, training and lived experience of the care giving relationship.

Rebekah has built on her training with many courses and conferences over the past 20 years and added to her skills set by training in Sherbourne Developmental Movement and in Parent & Child Therapy.

Arts Therapists are Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Rebekah is also a Member of the British Association of Dramatherapists


Rebekah Porter

Arts Therapist & 



Creative journeys for life



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