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SDM is a wonderful way for a parent or carer and child to connect. This experience assures the child of their rightful place in the world; enjoyed by their care giver. This creates a felt sense of physical and emotional wellbeing .


As well as this, the use of body to body contact enables the child to realise their own strength, to feel strong and successful and develop a positive self concept, regardless of their physical ability. It can have a calming effect on physiology as well as on mental health.


SDM facilitates playful contact that includes equal relationships and role reversal - the child can care for the carer too!


Parents have found it helpful for increasing a sense of connection with their child, for building their child's resilience and for recovering from difficulties in the parent:child relationship. It can be especially helpful when a sibling is effected by the arrival or needs of another sibling,  or when a child can feel demanding, needs to develop in confidence,  or find their calm. It is also an ideal way to fully connect in our 'screen heavy' world and enjoy some 'human wifi'. 


"Resilience is up!" Parent


"I feel more connected... less irritated, more tolerant, more patient." Parent


"It is a wholly positive experience." Long time Sherborne Practitioner



There are no classes running at present but you can express your interest or make enquiries here.

“   all children have two basic needs:
they need to feel at home in their own bodies, 
…and they need to be able to form relationships.”
                        Veronica Sherborne

Rebekah Porter

Arts Therapist &



Creative journeys for life


Sherborne Developmental Movement (SDM)

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