Rebekah Porter



Creative journeys for life


"... I am generally feeling in a much better place and feeling like life is moving forward rather than reacting and circling back to the same problems. When I started with you I hadn't quite realised what a pit I was in emotionally and how much I needed to work through that. You gave me useful tools and processes to work through my past, present and to consider the future. You enabled me to have a space where my emotions could be expressed fully but then managed in everyday life. You helped to move me from a place of despair to hope, a place of anger to peace ..."







"Using creative story was less daunting to explore and I felt less anxious.    

                                                                       I enjoyed using the creative in therapy."


" I think that you facilitated the work in a very warm and bounderied way, which meant that people seemed to feel safe to do unusual things, to explore and to be creative, which can be difficult to do ... So thank you very much. I would happily recommend you to others..."